Prayers for...

our sisters & brothers waiting at our borders, asking for safe asylum from the dangerous gangs & drugs in their home towns.

For bi-partisan solutions to our national issues, especially border security, peaceful resolve to the crisis in Sudan


those who are experiencing the effects of recent storms & fires; for the first responders, fire fighters, and medical personnel...


survivors of clerical abuse and a systematic renewal of seminaries 

and seminarian formation and personnel.

our sisters & brothers, our Dreamers, affected by the rescinding of DACA, and their families...for families separated while seeking asylum from the violence, gangs and drug traffic in their countries


our sisters and brothers who are victims of violence, especially gun violence, abuse, human trafficking or neglect...

end to racism, especially in the ways it is systemically carried out daily.


Those who are sick or homebound, and...                 


Barry Blackburn     

Meg Bresse

Dale Cromartie

Jim Cromartie

Church & Civil Leaders

Laura Ervin 

Anna Guardipee

Lane Hubbard 

Kathy Jenkins

Tom Lux

Millie Mounce

Carlos Trejo

Victims of natural disasters

Elizabeth Warren (Pat C)

Well being & Health for our St. Stephen Family and Community.

For an increase sense that the world

is one neighborhood ~ God's neighborhood ~

and all of life is sacred.


Formed in 1955 in western North Carolina within the Charlotte diocese, St. Stephen in Elkin, is the one of three Catholic churches in Surry county; just south of the VA border. We strive to live our legacy of hospitality and generous service in word and deed. 

Sunday Liturgy:  9:00am

Sacrament of Reconciliation

by appointment,  (704) 763-2475


101 Hawthorne Street

Elkin, NC 28621

(336) 835-3007