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   Sacraments are
...graced, personal encounters with Christ.
They are sacred rituals which deepen our relationship with Christ and the Body of Christ.
As holy signs, they teach and form us in Christ, they celebrate Christ's presence in sacred word and elements which nourish, strengthen and express our faith. 
Sacraments impart grace & worship to God, the source of all life.


Worship is integral to our lives as Christians.

Engaging in the prayer and ritual of the Church,

we are formed as Church.

Our Sacramental rites are of primary importance

while we are gathered.



Parents who desire Baptism for their child, must be registered in the parish and be practicing Catholics. Parents attend our Baptism preparation and complete the necessary forms prior to the celebration. 

A letter of recommendation

 from their pastor is needed for Godparents who are not registered at St. Stephen.




You can celebrate


by appointment

at St. Stephen or St. John,

by calling Fr. John

(704) 763-2475;


Saturdays, 3:00-3:45p

St. John, N. Wilkesboro

275 C.C. Wright School Road

North Wilkesboro, NC


Holy Orders

The Ordination Rite says,

“Believe what you read, 

teach what you believe,

and practice what you teach.”

Our community encourages single men & women to be open to a call to the priesthood or consecrated religious life.

For more information,

go to

Sisters of St. Joseph

or go to:

Charlotte Diocese 

confiramtion crossdove1.png


Confirmation, a Sacrament 

of Initiation, into the life

of the Church, 

is celebrated by our Youth

(7th grade-H.S.) after

attending Youth Formation.

Adults who desire to be confirmed join R.C.I.A.

 For more information, 

call S. Janis

(336) 835-3007


Anointing of the Sick

If you are preparing

for surgery or hospitalization,

this sacrament can be

celebrated with you

on any weekend at the church.

If you are chronically ill

in mind, body, or spirit,

this sacrament can be

celebrated with you.


In an emergency,

contact the church


or Fr. John,

(704) 763-2475

so we can pray with you

at home or in the hospital.



Preparation for First Eucharist

requires at least

two years of regular attendance

in Youth Faith Formation.

(Ages 7-13)

Teens and Adults


occurs through R.C.I.A.




on your engagement!

Begin your preparation

by scheduling

an appointment no less than

six months prior

to the desired date

of your wedding;

a year prior to the ceremony

is preferable.

Couples attend Engaged Encounter weekend (preferred)

or diocesan pre-Cana session.

To initiate preparation, call (336)835-3007

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